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Reiki Healing for Beginners

Those who do not know anything about Reiki may not understand how this form of energy healing could possibly ‘heal’ the mind or body. However, many people who have experienced the healing benefits from a Reiki therapeutic session provide positive reviews. This is because many feel the calming effects during the consultation. Others claim that Reiki helps them experience emotional realignment that provides ongoing healing and improved wellness.

If you’re thinking about using Reiki as a form of energy healing in your life, then here are a few things to help you better understand this powerful form of healing.

Reiki – An Energy Healing Therapy

Reiki targets a specific area, and it is where the healing begins. Reiki practitioners are aware that they themselves should not force the results because the Reiki energy itself will bring the results needed.

It is the Reiki practitioner that transfers life force into the patient’s body, with more focus on problem areas. Practitioners focus on healing the root cause of the problem instead of just aiming to heal the symptoms.

Individuals who use Reiki therapy learn that simply alleviating symptoms does not provide relief from the underlying condition. Healing the cause is far more significant in overcoming and providing long-lasting relief from symptoms.

Follow the Five Reiki Principles

It’s important to follow and incorporate the five principles. They are an integral part of this therapy. A patient cannot successfully execute the healing process of Reiki if the five long-lasting are not followed.

These five principles target an individual’s emotions, gratitude, self-growth, compassion and thoughts. They make the sessions even more effective as they guide the patient to take increased responsibility for their own wellbeing, especially as regards emotional aspects that affect their health.

Gentle Music Improves Results

A Reiki session is even more likely to reap positive results when gentle music is played in the background. It makes the atmosphere conducive to healing. Music therapy is known to be a beneficial healing therapy, so using soft music enhances the whole process. It enhances the relaxation of the mind and body. This makes the transfer of Reiki energy more effective.

Reiki Practitioners Are NOT Doctors

Reiki masters or practitioners are not doctors. You can’t ask them to give you a diagnosis on any condition you think you may have. They are an energy healer and not a doctor of traditional (western) medicine. Therefore, they are not qualified to make any kind of diagnosis at all. They can certainly give you an opinion, but that is all.

There are times when a practitioner may touch a certain body part and sense your discomfort. You may certainly ask if there is something wrong. However, although the Reiki practitioner may not have a medical certificate saying they are a doctor, they are usually very in tune with their patient. This is why they will channel their energy into areas where they feel it is most needed.

If done by a true Reiki healer, one who can use their own energy to heal others, then you certainly may feel more relaxed, grounded, and connected to the energy within and around yourself. This is the start of healing and improved health and wellbeing.


Sonya Ponder | Reiki Specialist

An energy healer, teacher, entrepreneur and an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the best person you most aspire to be.. Contact us today for an more information on how you will benefit from Reiki.