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Self-Healing Reiki

Reiki is a therapy that has been proven to be beneficial for so many ailments that affect the mind and the body. While the guidance and care of a trained practitioner is ideal, you can also benefit from practicing Reiki on yourself.

Regularly practicing Reiki will allow you to experience its self-healing benefits. However, for it to be effective, you need to know how to practice it the right way and know what body parts to lay your hands on. If you would like to try, here are a few tips to help you!

Perform Reiki in A Quiet Place

If you’re ready to begin your Reiki self-treatment, find a nice quiet place in your home. You should aim to make the atmosphere a relaxed one, so if you like, you can play soft music. Now you have your special place, take off your shoes and get ready to begin.

Start with a Simple Body Scan

One of the best ways to perform self-healing Reiki is to do a simple body scan. Do this with your eyes closed. Imagine energy flowing through your hands towards your body. This energy is healing energy for which you are grateful. As you place your hands on certain areas of your body carefully examine the sensations that you experience. Notice the areas holding tension, thereby blocking the flow of this positive energy.

Start your body scan from the tip of your toes and slowly work upwards until you reach the top of your head or your crown. The aim of this simple body scan is to increase your awareness of the sensations that occur in the different areas of your body. Allow yourself to experience any feelings. Don’t try to change anything – just observe and let it be.

Important Areas of the Body

Pay extra attention to laying hands on the crucial areas of your body such as over your breast bone. Underneath it lies your thymus gland that is responsible for producing T-cells that play a role in the body’s immune system functioning. These T-cells fight against invading bacteria, viruses and other disease-causing microorganisms.

Also, the top of your head. Put your hands on top of your head, with your fingertips on your crown area and at the same time place your palms near your ears.

Stay Focused and Relaxed

During the initial scan, make a mental note of the specific areas that may need further attention. When performing Reiki, breathe in easily and make the entire session as relaxing as you can. It is also good to just focus on your breathing as you perform different hand positions on various parts of your body. When you’re focusing on your breathing, you are less likely to be distracted by negative or stressful thoughts that may sabotage the healing process.

Many people find it more effective to practice Reiki after waking up early in the morning. Don’t invoke stress with unrealistic expectations, just relax. It doesn’t matter how long you do it for. As the Reiki experts attest, it doesn’t matter how much time is spent. It is better to do a little Reiki each day than none at all. Keep your Reiki routines as simple as possible to also make it easier to form a healthy habit of a worthwhile practice.


Sonya Ponder | Reiki Specialist

An energy healer, teacher, entrepreneur and an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the best person you most aspire to be.. Contact us today for an more information on how you will benefit from Reiki.